Casting Call: Disabled Actors to the Stage

Can you imagine seeing a young disabled actor on a main stage? 

How joyfully disruptive that would be?

How powerful and precious that would resonate with disabled audiences, who never see our bodies onstage or screen, particularly outside of medical settings?

How meaningful that would be to our cultural ecology? The changes that could be set in motion? The views, hearts, and minds that could be nudged into a more welcoming, understanding direction?

How surprising it would be to see a young person be unwell or disabled? A whole section of society that we actively conceal, present and real.

What if we saw a disabled Juliet?

An actually disabled actor playing Richard III, and the magnitude of power in witnessing Kate Mulvany do the role at Bell Shakespeare?

My heart is crying out to see this. To be this.

To see a disabled bride onstage or screen. Rolling down the aisle in their chair, beautiful and proud.

A disabled doctor treating their patient.

A teenager organising their meds while smoking a joint with their friends.

A disabled politician.A disabled gender diverse person.

Can you imagine? Dare you imagine?

Do you realise the power you possess? What magnificence you could materialise onstage?

What are you waiting for?

Jamila Main

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